Express Crypto is a french company to buy crypto currencies at the best price

Price Nous proposons l’achat de Bitcoin avec des taux de change parmi les plus faible du marché.
Website We have realise a very easy website to buy bitcoin without hidden fees
facile possible et sans frais cachés.
Service : Customer service is available : 24h/24 7D/7 by email, chat, phone...

We have a price of 3,9 for payment by credit card compared to the Bitcoin price on our website

The bitcoins are immediatly transfert when your payment is done

Bitcoins transactions must be with mining cost to assure the transfert

Theses fees are payed to mining people to securate the transfert

We must verify your identity Know Your Customer (KYC) and respect law for fight against money laundering and terrorist financing

Every customers must verify his identity (with idendity card or
passport). That's why we must know our customer and to fight against money laundering

In accordance with regulatory requirements, during identity verification we collect and verify of information about you.

The purchase limits are 1500€ per day and 10,000€ per month for level 2 customers, if you wish to increase your limit, please contact customer service.

Buying limit are 1,500€ per day and 10,000€ per month for users verified at level 2, if you wish to increase your limit, please contact customer service.

We recommandate to use an hardware wallet like Ledger for the best security
greenadress.it if you want a free online wallet secured

Transaction fees are used to pay the “mining people”, those who validate the transactions and ensure network security, without these fees the transaction cannot be validated. They evolve in
depending on the network load and are directly transferred to the “mining people” once your transaction

For payment with receipt of deferred funds such as bank transfer you will receive more or less than the price indicated during the passage of the trade since the price of Bitcoin is determined at the time of receipt of funds.